Application and function 
Divided two series, 2-hi and 4-hi. It is suitable for the flatness of cold-rolled strip after annealing. Its main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of strip, increase the surface hardness, strength and elasticity of the strip, so that the strip has better deep drawing performance, better plate type and surface finish . The Middle ,wide precision sheet four-roll temper machine series is equipped with hydraulic AGC screw down system, rolling line automatic adjustment device : The work roll adopts the hydraulic reverse electro-hydraulic servo system. After and before machine, installation of "S" roller, anti-crease roller, anti-roll, with automatic wear function, easy to operate. Computer on-line control, can achieve constant elongation, constant rolling force, constant roll gap, constant tension and other leveling process .

Production line process

Uncoiling → Hydraulic shear → Entrance S roller → Entrance anti-crease roller → 4-hi Temper mill machine → Exit anti-crease roller → Exit S roller → Coiler

Main technical parameters

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