Application and characteristics 

1. Suitable for common carbon steel, stainless steel, rolled steel, special aluminum or copper tape strip etc..

2. Work roll and supporting roll drive type,Can quickly adjust the strip crown, Change the contact pressure distribution between the rolls,to control the plate shape and plate convexity purposes.

3. Configurable work roll bending roller device,

4.The whole machine structure is simple, easy maintenance operation, less investment.

5. Screw down has two kinds control method, ordinary electromechanical screw down and AGC hydraulic screw down. AGC 4-hi rolling mill control accuracy, special suitable for high precision cold-rolled strip production.

Production line process 

Front coiler→(Unloading car)→Machine front device→ 4-hi main rolling mil→ Machine after the device→After the coiler (Unloading car)→according demands to arrange the uncoiler, Starting straightening machine etc.

Production line technical parameters  

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