Equipment technical data

 Specification parameter

a. Applicable materials: ordinary galvanized steel coil, cold-rolled steel coil

b. Material quality: Domestic genuine steel or international standard steel

c. Tensile strength: δb ≤ 450Mpa, δS ≤ 300Mpa,

d. The most commonly used material thickness: 0.5-3mm;

e. Material width: 500-1500 (Max)

f. Coil inner diameter: φ508

g. Coil outer diameter:. φ1600mm (Max)

h. Coil weight: 15T (Max)

i. Roller diameter:φ85

j. Roll distance: 90

2. Finished products parameters

a. Length accuracy: ≤ 0.5mm with length L = 2m

b. Diagonal accuracy: the length of L = 2m ≤ ± 1 mm

3. Equipment Other parameters:

a. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3Ph

b. Linear speed: 0-60m / min (thick-thin)

c. Installed capacity: about 80Kw

d. Finished material speed: As 2M calculate, not less than 20pcs per minute

e. Production line area (about): 20mLength and 8m wide

f. Production line direction: from left to right (control console face to the machine units)

g. Production Operators: 1 skilled worker, 1 ordinary worker

h. Equipment color: grass green

Production line equipment composition

Hydraulic feeding car → Hydraulic cantilever type material rack →Four-roller type Primary leveling machine→ Storage looper  → Lateral positioning device → Servo fine calibration device → High - speed cutting plate machine → Conveyor → Hydraulic lifting table → Pneumatic code device→Longitudinal discharging car (including hydraulic control system, Pneumatic system, electronic control system)

Flow chart:  

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