This machine is used to roll raw material thickness of ≤ 1 mm, width of about 200 mm, made of pure gold, sterling silver and other rare metal strip, used for rough rolling before four-roll finishing rolling.

Equipment composition and structural features:

This machine is a 2-hi cold rolling mill. It is composed of main unit, main motor, reducer herringbone gear integrated machine, universal joint shaft, electric screw down device (or AGC hydraulic screw down) and electric control etc. This equipment strength, rigidity, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the mill.

Transmission equipment technical parameters (for reference only, according to tthe buyers specific process design requirements.)

Rolling conditions

1. Rolled material: rare metal strip (silver foil, gold foil)

2. Blank specifications: thickness H = 1mm, width B = 160mm or less;

3. Finished specifications: thickness H = 0.05-0.3mm, width B = 160mm or less;

4. The maximum weight: /;

5. Maximum rolling force: P ≤ 100 tons;

6. Rolling speed: V = 0-20 m / Min adjustable.

Equipment composition

1.Host: Φ120 × 200 two-roll one-way cold rolling mill;

  Transmission mode: the main motor directly;

2.Screw down device:

a. Screw down motor: 2sets  Specifications: YEJ 2.2KW; can be screw down, lifting at the same time, can also be separate screw down and lifting;

b. High-speed worm gear box : integral type, I = 58, Center distance: A = 120mm, M = 4; Low-speed worm gear box: double envelope hourglass worm gearing, Center distance: A=160mm,M=7,I=26;

c. Screw down: Φ65 × 5 special / S.

3.Rack device:

a. Closed arch, column section: 120mm × 170mm smooth;

b. Arch the whole processing, artificial shovel brush, with lining board;

c. Rail material: welded assembly;

d. Axial positioning of the roller system pressure plate.

4.Roller system:

a. Work roller diameter × roller width: Φ120 × 200mm; Heat treatment surface hardness: around HRC63 ° ;

b. Bearing: Needle roller bearings + four-point contact bearings;

c. Bearing lubrication: dry oil;

d. Support roller balance device: spring balance;

e. Roll change device: manual roll change;

5.Main drive section:

a. Motor Model: Y-type inverter, power P = 22KW, 980r / min;

b. Reducer: ZLY 200, I = 18;

c. Herringbone gearbox: center distance A = 120mm, M = 6, B = 212mm, tooth surface high frequency hardening;

d. Reducer, two-box lubrication: self-splashing lubrication;

e. Drive shaft way: metallurgy cross universal joints Φ130 × 400mm;

f. Base: welding pieces aging treatment.

6.Coiler: Two sets

a. Coiling form: sleeve type, inner diameter 80mm, external diameter 160mm (can be customized according to customer requirements).

b. Coiling block model: external diameter 160mm, negative tolerance;

c. Motor: 2.2KG torque motor;

d. Reducer: supporting cycloid reducer, speed and rolling mill matching;

e. Supplied with magnetic powder constant torque controller.

7.Host Control System:

a. Main drive cabinet: 30KW frequency conversion main cabinet one set, including the scene installment debugging;

b. 2 sets of machine-side operation box, the installation location according to the site set, elegant appearance;

Scope of responsibility for buyer:

1. Responsible for providing all the cables, wires, etc. required for the installation of the equipment , and is responsible for connecting the power supply to the equipment within 0.3 meters;

2. Responsible for lifting equipment to the installation location,Provide necessary materials for commissioning(Including lifting equipment, welding and cutting equipment, water, electricity, lubricating oil, grease, hydraulic oil, emulsion, wire, gear oil, cooling pipes, etc.)

3. Equipment concrete foundation engineering, including machine units embedded steel plate and secondary grouting etc.; Installation with the sizing block, oblique iron, etc .;

4. To cooperate with the supplier providing the materials of installation and commissioning in production line etc.;

5. Responsible for providing accommodation for the installation and debugging technical personnel;

6. Payment is made on time according to the contract.

 Scope of responsibility for supplier:

1. After the advance payment, provide the foundation drawing within 15days(If any objection, should be received within 7 days after the drawings in writing to the supplier, if no demand within 7 days of any objection, the supplier as the buyer has been confirmed.)

2. When the equipment is delivered, the scope of the wearing parts and the random quantity and the manufacturer and other information shall be provided;

3. Provide electrical schematics, operating instructions and other information;

4. After the equipment to the buyer site, send technical personnel for technical guidance and equipment installation commissioning;

5. Provide the professional operator training for buyer,to ensure that demand-side staff can be independent, skilled operation and maintenance.

after-sale service 

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, from worries, companies in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, the contract and technical requirements to choose the best scheme,The establishment of customer service technical files to prepare for after - sale tracking service; And a comprehensive process quality tracking, monitoring, testing, to ensure product quality; The company made the following warranty service commitment to customers: The company's products, from the date of sale, warranty period of one year after the commissioning acceptance, during the warranty period, spare parts, non-user causes damage,free replacement (Wearing parts and damage caused demand-side operation is not covered under warranty). Within 24 hours after receiving the telephone (or facsimile) of the service requested by the demander, send qualified technical service personnel to the demand-side equipment on-site in a timely manner.Service Tel: 0510-85345975 .After the expiry of quality assurance, the buyer can purchase parts directly from our company. Our company will arrange technical service when the demand side needs, the cost will be charged according to the cost price. 

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