Application and characteristics

1、Applicable to two or three layers of composite rolling . Such as copper - steel, copper -stainless steel, aluminum - steel, aluminum - steel – aluminum material etc.

2、 Working roller drive. 

3、Can be configured work roll bending roller device, can quickly adjust the roller convexity , Changing the contact pressure distribution between rollers, To achieve the purpose of the control panel shape.

4、The complete set machine structure is simple, easy maintenance, less investment.

5、Screwdown device is divided into Electric screwdown gear and AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) hydraulic screwdown, AGC 4-hi mill with high control accuracy, Particularly suitable for the production of high-precision composite strip steel .

Production line process

Front coiler→(Unloading car)→Machine front device→ 4-hi main rolling mil→ Machine after the device→After the coiler (Unloading car)→according demands to arrange two or three set unreeling machine, Starting straightening machine etc.

Production technology parameters

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