Equipment technical data

Specification parameter

1. Applicable materials: cold-rolled plate, color plate, pickling coil, tin plate

2. Material quality: Domestic genuine steel or international standard steel

3. Tensile strength: δb≤450Mpa, δS≤260Mpa,

4. Material thickness: 0.3-3mm

5. Material width: 500-1600 (Max)

6. Coil inner diameter: φ508

7. The outer diameter of the coil: φ1600mm (Max)

8. Coil weight: 30T (Max)

9. Slitting cutter shaft diameter: φ180 Material: 40Cr

10. Slitting blade: φ180Xφ320X20

11. Slitting blade material: 6CrW2Si

12. The maximum number of points: 20pcs

Finished products parameters:   Width accuracy: ≤ ± 0.03mm

Other parameters

1. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3Ph

2. Line speed: 0-120m / min

3. Installed capacity: About 180 Kw

4. Production line covers an area (about): Length 25mX width 6m

5. Production operators: 1 skilled workers, 2 workers in general

6. Production line direction: From right to left  (control console face to the machine units)

7. Equipment color: White gray

Production line equipment composition

Hydraulic feeding car → Hydraulic collapsible type material rack → Pinch leveling mechanism → Hydraulic cross-cutting machine → Storage looper I → Lateral positioning device → Slitting main machine → Receiving waste wire device → Storage looper II → Pre-separation tension damping device → hydraulic winder host → hydraulic unloading trolley (including hydraulic control system, electronic control system)

Flow chart:  

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