Pickling production line is mainly divided into three types , push-pull, semi-push and immersion type; 

Push-pull pickling line is a non-continuous production line, relative to the continuous pickling production line, with low investment, plant area is less, equipment is simple, suitable for varieties strip steel, high efficiency, low production consumption, easy to operate , Equipment operation less failure, etc., it is particularly suitable for small and medium-scale production capacity. The units is suitable for annual production of 100000-600000 tons , strip thickness range of 1.5-6mm.

Production line technical parameters     Push-pull pickling production line

Technical characteristic

Such as following Ordinary hot-rolled strip,Technical parameters of acid - washing production with annual output of 400,000 tons 

 Push-pull pickling production line Main features:

1,Use of shallow slot turbulent pickling technology, pickling time is short, high production efficiency, quality and stable cleaning.

2, The entire line transmission using AC variable frequency control, stable operation, low maintenance costs.

3, Unwinding section preparation of pre-uncoiling device, Save time, improve production efficiency.

4, Pickling entrance equipped with rewind cleaning device to reduce the acid corrosion of the entrance equipment.

5, Between acid tank cover and the tank use of water sealed, Configure the appropriate size of the acid mist absorption device, reduce the amount of acid mist overflow,reduce acid mist corrosion of equipment and plant.

6, Acid circulatory system, equipped with temperature detection, heating automatic control system, automatic detection of liquid level and acid filling system. Tank acid can be set to automatically or manually vent.

7, In addition to the whole line is equipped with multiple guide rollers,Online configuration of the CPC hydraulic alignment system to improve the quality of coiling.

8, Hydraulic shear with gantry structure, rigidity, operation and width adjustment is simple, easy maintenance.

9, Shear waste edge, according to customer requirements, can equip with  horizontal, vertical reeling waste side machine or scrap shearing.

Production process flow

Uncoiler part: Material receiving station → coil car → To roll uncoiling machine units → pinch straightening machine → angle cutter → head shear machine.

Pickling machine units

Manual feeding → uncoiler → pinch straightening machine → shearing machine → backwashing → pickling → washing → drying → looper → three-roll tensioning machine → pinching straightening machine → exit shearing machine → electrostatic oiler  → coiling machine →blanking.

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